About Us

The atmosphere of the restaurant is casual and friendly. We offer authentic drinking foods, such as Takoyaki, Yakitori, Sunagimo (chicken gizzard) Kara-age, also some unique and modern dishes, along with Beer, Sake, Shochu. Shigekazu Tateno, who delicately prepared our sushi, is the owner/chef with 18 years experience in Dallas.


“IZAKAYA” is a compound of Japanese words of “I”(Stay) and “SAKAYA”(Sake Shop). “IZAKAYA” is a place to have Sake, along with a variety of foods.
“How to order?” The portion of “IZAKAYA” foods is relatively small, and you can order several dishes at a time for yourself or sharing with your friends or family. Our menu has something for everybody. Don’t forget to order your drink and say “KANPAI”!! (Cheers)